Harris Exploration conducts above ground drilling activities with all terrain equipment utilizing the following methods:

  • Wireline Core Drilling
  • Face Sample and Crossover Sample Hammer Drilling with Dual Tube Pipe
  • Skirted Rotary and Drag Bit Systems with Dual Tube Pipe
  • Conventional mud and air rotary Drilling
  • Drill and Drive Casing systems for overburden, tailings, placer deposits.

Our services  include both exploratory and definitional drilling. Exploratory drilling is conducted to determine if there is a minable mineral deposit, which is known as an ore-body, on the site. Definitional drilling is typically conducted at a site to assess whether it would be economical to mine and to assist in mapping the mine layout. The demand for our definitional drilling services has increased in recent years as new and less expensive mining techniques have made it feasible to mine previously uneconomical ore-bodies.

Global mining companies hire Harris Exploration to extract samples from a site that the mining companies analyze for mineral content before investing heavily in development. Our drilling services require a high level of expertise and technical competence because the samples extracted must be free of contamination and accurately reflect the underlying mineral deposit.

Nobody needs another hole in the ground.  Our clients need trust worthy samples, clean water, flowing gas , or thermally conductive geo loop bores.  Harris delivers a final product that satisfies your needs.  Let us satisfy you!

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